More Memories of Cicero's Skating Rink - 2


Letter No. 331 | January 2, 2009

Oh the horse races! to call them horses, is stretching things. They were small barrel-like things, with a little head and tail, with one set of skate wheels on the front and one on the back. One person would ride it, and one would push it. There was no way in the world to steer it! Usually there was a big pile up when the race started. My sister was riding it, and I pushed her right into the middle of the mess of people falling....and I went around to the other side, and she was still coming thru! So since we were the only ones standing, we won. She reminds me often how I pushed her into that pile up!

The performers were live. Yes they did play records too but the groups and performers did a live concert of many songs. It was great. I've been trying to remember some of the other groups that were there. Tommy James and the Shondells were there without Tommy James! Remember Hanky Panky? It was then. With the names of the groups I mentioned in the last email, my sister thinks we covered most of them. BJ Thomas was up there when Billy and Sue was popular, he was really good. So was Lou Christie. The Barbarians were horrible. Somewhere I still have one of the posters for them, autographed!... and a polaroid-type picture of Lou Christie, also autographed. (They are probably up in the attic with my Beatle cards!) Sometimes they had some of the local bands play for awhile too. I'm guessing that was in the mid '60s.

I'm 56 now. I married a guy from skating; he died five years ago. We took my two kids to Cicero's when they were quite small. How I wish they had somewhere like that to go now...such a safe, clean, fun place we had! I was surprised to hear that Edna Cicero is still alive and living in the same house in Ebensburg.

I don't recall ever riding in a school bus. We always had the big bus with the racks on top that held the skate cases. And some of those stories about the bus were true. That's why my sister and I rode up front, LOL. But as crowded as it usually was, I'm sure nothing really bad went on. Especially by today's standards.

Let me know if you have any other was a great time of life and I'm glad I had it!.

Nancy (Derrick) Engle

Nancy followed this up with:

Two more groups from Cicero's...

Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Left Banke... I'm still thinking of more


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