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Letter No. 328 | November 8, 2008

Dear President-Elect Obama:

Congratulations on your recent victory. Your election is a tribute to a divided America since once again we have seen a change of power, not by the gun, but by the ballot box. I write today, knowing you shall probably never see this, but I am hopeful that the comments listed below will be received in some way as counsel. I love this country with all my heart and would sacrifice all I have, including my life, for its welfare and safety. I feel I need to express this today.

You seem like a bright young man, eloquent, and a master politician, but I did not vote for you. It is not personal, nor is it in any way because of the color of your skin. It is because I do not agree with all you say you said needs to be done. In fact, I am not sure I trust you. Please prove me wrong. You have my fullest support as an American at this time, but I, like the 46 percent of American voters who did not vote for you will offer our counsel, carefully watch your deeds, and only continue our support if you do the right things for all Americans. Your road will be difficult, and I pray to God for your success.

You may ask why I worry about you. Well, let me give you a list.

National Security: We are at war, Mr. President-Elect. It is not a Republican War. It is an American War which started on 9-11. We are winning, but at great cost in Iraq . Do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Peace is sweet, but losing our freedom is too hateful to contemplate. Defend America.

Border Security: We are being invaded. Itís out of hand and everyone knows it. Build the wall, man the ramparts, but be just and compassionate as well as strong. Immigrants are the lifeblood of America , but they must be legal. It is killing our economy.

The Economy: It is a mess. The market is plunging, the dollar is weak, and we are hemorrhaging wealth for oil. It needs more than tweaking, it could need a major overhaul, but heavy tax burdens to support a socialist agenda will not fix it. No one taxed their way to prosperity.

Racial peace: My congratulations to be the first Black President. I think it says much for America . But remember, the country has a large Caucasian base. You have the support of the latter. Please keep it that way.

The Environment: Lead! Clean up our world, but don't put us in the dark or weaking our security in doing so. Drill and drill now as part of the package.

The Constitution: Donít mess with it! It has worked just fine as the Founding Fathers wanted it to. Thatís why America is great. It is not a ďliving documentĒ as I have heard said. It is the very essence of our country. It should not be tampered with, except as how the law allows.

Education: Where do we start on this? Please see that the problem is not money nor test scores. The problem is values. It is hard to teach someone who doesnít want to learn.

Foreign Policy: America comes first. I hope we really can all sing in harmony some day, but until then, America comes first.

Taxes: Everybody pays. No one is exempt. And if you feel the need to give any back, only give it to those who paid. Avoid increasing taxes unless absolutely necessary, but once taxed, use our money wisely. Avoid a socialist agenda which lowers the successful to the least common denominator of misery.

Appointments: I am told you are a Christian. Pick God-fearing men and if necessary from other faiths. But pick Americans. Did you know that Rahm Emmanuel was a former intelligence agent of the Israeli government? I hope that does not bode badly for the future picks. Pick the best jurists for the Court. No ideologues who will attempt to make law rather than interpret it.

Promises: They were a tall order and I am not sure any mere mortal can carry them out. I hope you will be able to keep them and I remind you of them.

1. That you will get Bin Ladin and destroy Al Qaeda.

2. That you will bring our troops home from Iraq (but with victory).

3. That you get our NATO allies to contribute to the war effort in Afghanistan .

4. That the middle class will not see tax increases and socialism run rampant.

5. That you will be a uniter, a President for all Americans.

6. That you will restore the economy to health.

7. That you will strengthen the dollar.

8. That you will help the poor, but will not tax American business to death in doing so nor deplete the defense budget to accomplish it.

9. That you will provide for all to have health care, but will not weaken the existing care of those who now have insurance.

10. That you will save social security without outrageous FICA tax increases.

11. That you will balance the budget in your first term and begin paying off the deficit.

12. That you will improve Americaís image in the world, but still keep it powerful.

13. That you will act to stop the horrible slaughter of the unborn.

14. That you will improve education in America .

Senator Obama, I opposed your election for I thought John McCain was a better choice. The majority did not think the same way, so you are the winner. Nonetheless, you are soon to be MY President too and as such you have my support and best wishes that it would be the best administration effort. You have your job cut out for you. We will pray for you, but we will be watching.

Paul Ceria

PS. I listed your promises, now I give you one of mine. I may disagree with you in the future, but I will never resort to the childish and foul name-calling that your predecessor was subjected to, for you are a sitting President, and you are MY President. I may disagree, but I will always offer you respect. May God keep you in his hands.



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