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Letter No. 327 | December 27, 2007

Like Rob (post number 326), I went searching the Internet for the song Hardrock. I found your home page about a month ago and spent many hours reading the stories and looking at the pictures. I joined the Nanty Glo list as well.

Many of the stories hit home to me in more ways then one. I spent most of my years growing up living in Belsano. I was one of the last students to attend the little school in Belsano. It closed after I finished first grade. I can remember Mrs. Hoffman teaching 1st and 2nd grade in the same classroom. For second—fifth grade we were sent to Big Bend in Twin Rocks; fifth and sixth was at the intermediate building (I think it was a high school before that) and then to the Junior/Senior High school for seventh and above.

My family moved from Belsano in 1977 (during the flood) to my mother's home just west of Red Mill on the same road. This is where my family still lives today and where I hope to return to soon.

My childhood memories in Belsano included the Christmas tree lighting with the caroling and hot chocolate, sledding down the alley behind our house, walking to one or the other church on each end of town and participating in the Christmas shows at church. In the summer it was memories of riding our bikes up and down "the alley" and as we got older progressed to riding from one end of South Street to the other, and hanging out with friends. One of my friends lived across from us in the house that I knew to be the old pool room. This was of course no longer open when I remember it. Growing up, my father, Ronald Mervine (Duck) worked for the Rummels' saw mill which was [at] the old Blacklick Township High School. His home was down near White Mill and I remember him taking us down to White mill and BAB along the rail road tracks to go swimming. That stopped after the '77 flood.

The summer before my 10th year in high school my family moved to the area behind Strongstown. I believe I may have gone to school with Rob. I am also 45, graduated from United and remember the hour to hour-and-half ride to and from school each day.

Have been printing out many of the stories on your page to share with my parents. Dad enjoys reading all of these as well as I do.

Thank you and all of your posters for the memories.


Hi Barb,

What an amazing coincidence! I think this is the first time I've heard of someone finding the Home Page this way, and to have it happen twice in the same year by two people who may even know each other, well, as we used to say in the '70s, blows my mind.

Jon Kennedy, webmaster

Hardrock, Coco, and Joe



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