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Letter No. 325 | September 18, 2007

Hi Mr. Kennedy,

Just a quick note of congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the Nanty Glo website! I enjoy hearing the stories and seeing the photos from an "era" a little before my time, but important to the generations of Nantigloians to come.

We usually visit with my parents every Sunday afternoon and while I can't believe the changes since I left only 12 years ago, I can't imagine the changes you all have seen.

Sorry we missed you over the Labor Day weekend. I would love to tour the town and hear the stories in person. Perhaps that is something the community can arrange in the future...I'd be the first to sign up! Have a great day in California! (My sister, who also grew up in Nanty Glo, lives in L.A. - so you have a fellow Nanty Glo person not far from you.)

Best Regards ,
Scott Rhoades
Indiana, PA



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