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Letter No. 324 | June 10, 2006

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I'm so glad I stopped by to read about Rudy. I always wondered what became of him. It's so good to have a site like this to find out these things. My memories of Rudy are far different but not because of anything he did. I was frightened into almost a catatonic state. We lived close to the Hungarian Church near the "cement bridge" (to differentiate it from the "iron bridge" near Rexis) [in Vintondale].

One day I decided to leave the yard,against parents' rules. I was about 3-4 years old. When I was enjoying my adventure just past the church, Rudy came walking towards me from the bridge.

I was scared out of my wits. I jumped into the weeds and tall grasses to the side and threw myself on the ground. I peeked through the weeds and watched him walk by. My parents told me they found me frozen into position and my face was as white as a sheet. It took alot of convincing that he wasn't going to "get me," which of course he had no intention of doing. Children are children though.

My mother, Helen Kangur, often fed wanderers on the back porch. In my memory, I can still envisage them sitting there drinking coffee out of one of those rounded white coffee cups. My father, John Kangur, once told me that during the Depression he felt so bad for one of these men that he gave up his breakfast of bacon and eggs that he was getting ready to eat. There's no people like small town people, is there? Many of the folks in Vintondale were kind to Rudy and others like him who lived the same lifestyle.

I'm so glad we have these memories to warm our hearts as we get older.

Paulette Kangur

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