Invitation to a 'roast' for the webmaster

Letter No. 322 | October 5, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Our hardworking webmaster Jon Kennedy is coming to Home Page Country for some R&R and to Catch the Fall Before it Leaves. He'll be here from Oct. 12-18. On Saturday the 15th, I'm planning a Ghost Town Trail bike ride and afterward a get-together at the Niner Diner where friends from Jon's past and present will converge to play: ROAST THE WEBMASTER! It pleases me to tell you the list of eager "roast-ers" is growing by leaps and bounds and as the "roast-ee,' Mr. Kennedy, has agreed to be a good sport. Or in other words, grin and bear it. LOL

Those who want to take in the bike ride will meet at Trail's End at the Nanty Glo Fire Hall parking lot between 3:30-4 p.m. The plan is for the bikers to make the trip to Vintondale and back. If the Nanty Glo to Vintondale ride is a bit too strenuous, each rider can pick a stop point and pedal back to Nanty Glo and cool his/her heels at the Niner-Diner sipping a favorite beverage until time for dinner. The ride to Vintondale is rather easy, but my experience has been that a three-speed or more geared bike is the best weapon for the return uphill five percent grade back to Nanty Glo. Helmets are personal discretion but recommended, along with a bottle of water or suitable sports drink. Those who fall by the wayside from exhaustion, find themselves traveling out of control through the woods or treed by angry wildlife are on their own!...LOL. I'm sure there will be a cell phone or two along for emergencies, though mine never finds service from places on the trail I've tried to use it.

For those who choose to pass on the Trail Ride but want to attend the dinner, we are planning to have everyone meet at the Niner Diner between 5:30 and 6 p.m. The Diner menu has a varied selection of food to choose from. (I can personally vouch for the cheeseburger-fries w/gravy-chocloate shake combo.) Everyone will be responsible for paying for their own food and drinks. The Diner usually closes at 8 p.m. However, the owners have agreed to humor us by staying open until the webmaster has been thoroughly roasted and tests "done" (or cries UNCLE!).

So... if you're reasonably fit and have or can borrow a bike from a friend or family member, come join us on the beautiful Ghost Town Trail. You might bring along a windbreaker or rain poncho in the event of an Autumn "sprinkle." We can't let our notoriously temperamental Pennsylvania weather spoil the fun.

We're looking forward to seeing some of you October 15th.

Judy Rose



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