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A letter from three with Valley roots

Letter No. 32 | June 1998

Really nice web site on Nanty Glo. Three of us, one from NY, one from OH and one from AZ will be travelling throughout Cambria County in search of our turn-of-the-century Cambria County roots. My great grandfather George Pastor lived in Twin Rocks from approx. 1903 to 1913, when he moved to Cleveland. He may or may not be the same George Pastor who shows up in the 1900 Census in Connelsville, Fayette Co.

Any suggestions on the oldest person in Twin Rocks we could talk to would be appreciated. In addition, any information on local libraries that might hold some useful information would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.

George Jusko
Rochester, NY, jusko@rpa.net

Thanks for writing. As you may have noted, I live in California, not Cambria County, so am not able to suggest an "oldest person" you might talk to. I hope some other reader will get in touch with you with this information. I would advise you to begin your search at the registrar's office at the Cambria County Courthouse in Ebensburg, however. I'm not sure what resources the library in Nanty Glo or the county library in Johnstown might have to assist in your search.

Jon Kennedy, webmaster
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