A reply to George Seese on Christmas


Letter No. 318 | January 9, 2005

Mr Seese,

I've been to the Home Page and read your letter written from the Jehovah's Witness perspective on why Christians shouldn't celebrate Christ's birthday, AKA Christmas. I'm not a student of the bible, so we aren't going to battle back and forth with and about scripture, and personally I prefer the "You've had your say...now I'll have mine," type of format. Let me start off by saying: I "believe" in the concept of Christmas and the celebration thereof.

As a Jehovah's Witness, you feel; Christians shouldn't celebrate the birthday of Christ. As a Christian, my first question to you of course is "why not" and in the straightforward mode of speech I prefer...my second question is: what's it to you? I personally feel to celebrate a birthday...anyone's birthday, is a way of showing thanks for the person having been given to us by God, whether that person was my son or God's son. It's a way of saying; "We're thankful for you and appreciate your presence among us." Maybe the birthday party we throw on December 25th is a little flawed because maybe we have the date wrong, or we've added a little too much glitz to the true humbleness and reverence of the occasion by too many lights, too much food, too many gifts given for sometimes the wrong reason in the name of some character called Santa Claus...but where I come from, our somewhat flawed party is just about the best thing going.

No one insists that you or those who believe as you participate in the celebration. If you choose not to come to the party, all well and good, but please don't try to make those of us who do choose to attend feel guilty about being there. Christians come from all over the world, and in this melting pot we live in called the United States we've incorporated Santa Claus, with Father Christmas, Kris Kringle and Old St. Nick. We've taken the pagan practice of bringing a tree into our homes and made it into a symbol of joy that brings family and friends together and combined it with Holy Night Supper, the Christmas Eve fast of the Orthodox Christians, the Midnight Mass of the Catholics, and the outdoor live nativity offered by the Protestants and we do it out of love and respect for the customs of others as well as our own. If there is ever a time when people feel a bonding with their friends, neighbors and family, it's during the Christmas holidays. We greet each other with Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Feliz Navidad, Bon Natale, Bon Noel and on and on, and no matter what we say or in what language we say it, it translates as Happy Birthday Jesus..... And you have a problem with that.

Judy Rose




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