Finding Balog Street, Vintondale, on the map


Letter No. 316 | July 6, 2004

Re: Denise Weber's letter, posted on the website as Valley Forum Letter No. 126 | July 10, 1999

Actually, if you look up Vintondale, PA today on Mapquest and center Balog Street and then zoom in as closely as you can, you'll see that both Chickaree Hill and Balog Street are shown. From that map, it appears that Balog Street is what I knew as an alley behind my grandmother's house when I visited there as a child in the '50s/early '60s. She was Helen Balog, wife of Michael Balog (who died in a mine cave-in in October 1946, the month before I was born), and she lived in what was the last house (on the left, of course) as you were coming down the hill from the highway 'way up at the top of the hill - a wonderful house, because unlike most of the houses on the hill, it had a vacant lot on the side nearest the town, beautifully grassy and nicely enclosed by a rock wall. My father was Charles Balog, eldest son of Michael and Helen, born September 25, 1916, died October 20, 2000. His sister Helen Oravec still lives, I believe, in the next house up Chickaree Hill from the house I remember as my grandmother's. And there were other Balogs, relatives, who lived farther up the hill, so I suppose Balog Street was aptly named.

Mike Balog, Katy, Texas




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