A winter for the record books: snow pictures

Photo by Pat Caldwell


Letter No. 314 | February 4, 2004

Hi Jon,

I am still not subscribed to your list so I don't know whether anyone locally has mentioned the snow and cold we have received this winter. Last week alone more than two feet fell on Nanty Glo and Jackson Twp. and the temperature never rose above the teens. The pictures I will link to below were taken on January 30, Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Monday were relatively nice, by which I mean there was no new snow. Early Tuesday morning, the snow began falling and is still falling at a rapid rate in the middle of the afternoon. Close to a foot has fallen.

Our kids had only a day and a half of school last week because of the snow and they are off again today. I keep them busy shoveling. You are welcome to use any or all of the pictures.

[The first photo listed below is reproduced above. To see all the photos, click the link; to return here, click [alt]-[left arrow], then click the next photo link —Webmaster.]

http://www.patsarts.com/burger snow 04.jpg
http://www.patsarts.com/find a whopper 04.jpg
These first two pictures Pat took from the parking lot of the Ebensburg Wal-Mart. Usually, from this vantage, one can see all of the Burger King building.

http://www.patsarts.com/walmart parking lot04.jpg
Pat took this picture from the Wal-Mart parking lot looking towards Laurel Medical.

http://www.patsarts.com/end of driveway 04.jpg
http://www.patsarts.com/houses on white 04.jpg
I took this picture standing on the road in front of our house looking down toward our two rental houses.

http://www.patsarts.com/middle house from van 04.jpg
Pat took this picture out of the window of our van as she backed out of the driveway.

http://www.patsarts.com/middle house 04.jpg
I took this picture from our driveway.

http://www.patsarts.com/white roberts corner 04.jpg
Pat took this picture as she stopped on White Street before turning onto Roberts Street.

http://www.patsarts.com/methodist church04.jpg
http://www.patsarts.com/library park04.jpg
Pat took these 2 pictures at the corner of Roberts and Lloyd Streets.

http://www.patsarts.com/cambria equipment04.jpg
Pat took this picture while we were stopped at the light on route 22 at the McDonald's intersection

David and Pat Caldwell




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