County unfair to Orthodox
in observance of Christmas


Letter No. 312 | January 3, 2004


I visited the Cambria county courthouse today 1/2/04 to apply for a fishing license. I noticed they (the workers) were taking down the CHRISTMAS decorations. I mention to the employee that CHRISTMAS was not over yet, that the ORTHODOX CHRISTMAS is not until Jan 7. She told me that CHRISTMAS is over and ends after JAN 1. I just wanted to know that if there is only one RELIGIOUS HOLIDAY celebrated in the county of CAMBRIA and that is the CATHOLIC ONE that is recognized.

I WOULD LIKE THE VOTERS AND TAXPAYERS OF Cambria county of the ORTHODOX faith to write your elected officials and tell them that you disagree with this policy and will remember it at the next election and maybe the officials will only collect taxes from the ones that celebrate the 25 of Dec and not the other taxpayers in their district that celebrate other holidays. I know this probably won't get published, but at least I got it off my chest and I will be telling all my friends and maybe the ACLU can intervene in this matter.

Yours truly,
Steve Harmotta

Note: I think you have a valid point (that the government should not discriminate against minorities, and it would seem a small matter for the courthouse to keep the tree up through your holiday). However, for the record, as an Orthodox Christian, I would point out that the vast majority of Orthodox in America celebrate Christmas on December 25, on the Gregorian calendar. The Nanty Glo Orthodox church is on the Julian calendar, on which December 25 is comparable to the Gregorian calendar's January 7. —Webmaster




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