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A letter from New Zealand

Letter No. 31 | June 17, 1998

Hi there.

My name is Martin Hannagan. I am writing this email to ask if anybody in your town knows of a now well known (we say tongue in cheek) New Zealander, Phil Kingsley-Jones.

I believe he comes from your town originally.

I am M C at a speaking engagement in unfortunatley 1 day's time, which doesn't allow a lot of time to find out any information about Phil and his past.

What I do know is that he apparently played rugby to a first class level for Wales. His son has also played for Wales.

He has always been a Kiwi of some note but more recently known the length of this country for being Jona Lomu's (All Black and feared by the English rugby players) manager and mentor.

If there is any possible information you could give me about his past or something even perhaps humourous about your town then I would appreciate it as I'm rather stuck for an opening address.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I can be emailed on Oaklands@xtra.co.nz.

Thanking you in anticipation

Martin Hannagan

Webmaster's reply: Hello, Martin Hannagan, I'm glad you found the Nanty Glo Home Page; thanks for writing. I think the person you are looking for, Phil Kingsley-Jones, is from Nantyglo, Wales, and we are Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania, USA. I've forwarded your note to people who are knowledgeable in both places, so I hope you'll get an answer. I will also post it on our page, just in case.

Jon Kennedy, webmaster
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