We must support our men and women at war


Letter No. 309 | March 26, 2003

Hello Neighbors!

How is living in small-town USA, now that spring has sprung?

I am here to say my piece again (as if I ever had trouble putting my two cents worth in). We here in Virginia have many of our local servicemen in the Middle East fighting. To all Nanty Glo Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Wives, and Husbands that have loved ones serving our great country and our wonderful town I say to you all, God Bless you and your servicemen and servicewomen.

We, as a nation, are made up of various groups, both pro and con about war. That is what makes our country the greatest place in the world to live: the right to express yourself. Some may be against war but must support those who lay down their lives to defend our rights to be able to voice our opinions. Being a Viet Nam and Desert Storm Vet, I can tell you war is not pretty but sometimes necessary to rid the world of evil.

Please email me if you have a thought about this. Nanty Glo is the essence of the nation, as all small towns are, and the people in Nanty Glo are friends and neighbors. My heart will always be there. As a boy, I had many good times and carry the fond memories of that fun in my heart.

Bless all of you and keep the spirit alive!!

Sincerely yours,
Tim McCullough




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