When 'small' is 'big'


Letter No. 305 | December 11, 2002

During the past year my wife and I attended the March 2002 funeral of Steve Olenick, her brother, and in October his wife, Ursula, who passed away in Youngstown, Ohio. On these sad occasions I again met family members and relatives that I hadn't seen for some time.

One of the family members is Tony Laruccia, only five feet tall and small in stature, who is married to their daughter, Mary. Tony is a remarkable person who has accomplished goals that most of us can only envy and dream about. He is positive evidence that you can't stereotype a person by just looking at them.

Attached [and linked here—webmaster] is an article that appeared in the the Youngstown Vindicator years ago that shows his picture and discusses his prominent career. Not to be overlooked are his contributions to charitable and philantrophic causes. In his recent acts of generosity, he has contributed $500,000 to the construction of a Youngstown YMCA where he said his father once stayed when his father migrated from Italy in 1912, and $250,000 to the building of a high school auditorium. When a Youngstown high school began to have the students collect grocery store receipts and conduct other forms of fund raising to get a new grand piano, Tony gave them a $75,000 check.

These are just a few of his philantrophic causes. In spite of his success, he still remains approachable and unassuming. I only wish he had told me about the "Three Mile Island" deal or considered me as one of his philantrophic causes.

Best regards,
Frank Charney




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