Remembering Levinsons
Department Store, and the family


Letter No. 302 | October 16, 2002

As a former resident of Nanty Glo, born there in 1927 and baptized in the Methodist Episcopal Church, I was interested in the articles about Levinsons store. For a time in my life my family lived over A. Book's store across from the Catholic Church. There was an apartment upstairs. I became friendly with Harold and Arthur, called Archie, Levinson, and spent a lot of time in their home, even being present for the boys' bar mitzvah celebrations. I remember that the Levinsons were very gracious people and were very kind to me and my family.

One day Archie and my older brother were going to wash their car, and in the process of backing the car out of the garage, Archie backed into the closed garage door and when it opened, it pinned my brother Bob against the fence along the driveway, breaking his arm in a critical place that required him to be hospitalized. Mr Levinson was kind enough to pay for the hospital and the doctor who operated on him. It was a wonderful thing for my family, because we had nine children and no hospitalization at that time, of course.

I spent a lot of time in Levinsons' store, playing with some of the larger toys sold on the second floor. We also loved to climb up the rolls of linoleum and slide down them. They leaned against the wall like a sliding board. We often got yelled at. I think, also, that they had one of those foot x-ray machines that you could look into and see the bones in your feet inside your shoes. I loved to look at my feet through that machine.

I was also pleased and surprised to see the group picture of the Minstrel Cast outside the Liberty Theatre. I was one of the End Men in the program.

Congratulations on a wonderful Web Site. I relive my youth through it, and I remember so many wonderful things that were part of my growing years there.

If there is anyone left in town who might remember me, I would appreciate being in touch.

Jim George, Leesburg, Florida




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