Fond memories of a Nanty Glo neighbor


Letter No. 301 | October 16, 2002

While checking out the additions to NG Home page I was surprised to read about Tony Kupchella's 80th birthday. Brought back a lot of old memories. My parents' home was located next to the Kupchella residence. Both John and Tony Kupchella are good friends of mine. Tony's father was a bee keeper and my mom used to get honey from him.

To my surprise, I notice that Tony and I share the same birthday date, February 27. During my hitch in the Navy, the only serivceman from Nanty Glo that I met overseas was Tony. He was in the Marines, and in Hawaii in 1944 I ran into him in a mess hall at OGU (Outgoing Unit). I wonder if he remembers that occasion.

We used to call him "Weiners," I guess because he liked them. John gave me two spruce tree seedlings back in 1967 and I planted one of them in the front yard. It is at least 25 feet tall. I am reminded of John when I pass by the tree. I wish Tony many more birthdays and the best of life.

Lou Stager




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