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A home page for the fire company; seeking info on bottling works

Letter No. 3 | October 1997

Dear Sir,

John Kupchella's Plastic company is known as Jomar Plastics which is located on Rt. 271 across from Foodland in the first ward of Nanty Glo. Just a few updates to your page. The Nanty Glo Fire Co. actually has a few short of 125 members. Currently we have 116 as of this email. I am in the proccess of designing a web page for the dept. (still trying to gather info of its past, present, and the future of the dept. (http://www.surfshop.net/users/tjlav/ngvfc/ngvfc.html)).

If you would like more information on the dept., please contact me. Also, I would appreciate any info you have on the Nanty Glo Bottling works. It was my great-grandfather's company. All I can remember is that it was sold shortly after the depression for three thousand dollars. Of that, my great-grandfather (netted) less than one hundred dollars.

—Sincerely, Thomas J Laverick

The "real skinny" on the Jomar Plastics factory (it was not founded by former Mayor John Kupchella as I misremembered) is in the first "News from Nanty Glo-begone" column in the Nanty Glo News section.


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