Better-late-than-never replies to questions on Buzz and other Nanty Glo Wagners


Letter No. 298 | October 14, 2002

I was just reading the forum letters and came to the one I wrote about Boyd Wagner. I had missed your two questions. The answer to the first one is that he was never called Buzz in High School.

Concerning the second question: When I was growing up in my early years the Southern side of town was called the Wagner side of town and the Northern side of the Blacklick creek was called the Blacklick side of town. As far as I can remember, much of the land on the Southern side was owned by a family by the name of Wagner. I do not believe Boyd's family was related to them but I am not sure.

I also have a group picture of my third- or fourth-grade class in front of the Wagner building. It would be the future class of 1934.

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