David Caldwell's critique of modern
sports brings affirmations

1. An up and coming local player


Letter No. 294 | August 25, 2002

After reading the article by David, I have to agree with him about the pathetic state of professional sports nowadays. I will have to say, though, that the area does have one bright spot in it as far as baseball is concerned. While I may be a little prejudiced about the player (since I'm his Aunt), I'm not the only one who thinks he has potential to go farther in the sport. And to him it's still a sport.

The player I am talking about is my nephew, Michael Tatarko, son of Dr. Mike and Lori Tatarko of Twin Rocks. Mike graduated this past May from Bishop Carroll, playing both football and baseball while attending. I don't recall which team he also played on outside of school, but I believe it was the Legion team. Now I think [readers] might be able to find out more of this information from the local papers because I don't get the Journal or Tribune-Democrat here, and I'm not 100 percent sure about the details I get from the family. But to make a long story short, Mike had the opportunity this summer to play for the local All-star team that went on to have players chosen from it to play in the new stadium in Pittsburgh. From there, the players were chosen to go on to Hershey to compete at the State levels.

Unfortunately, Mike didn't get to go on, but there were quite a few professional scouts at that game, so you never know. In any event, he will be playing again next year for a local team. He'll be attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania in a couple of weeks and will be playing baseball for them.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish him and the rest of his teammates well in the season next spring, and to let everyone know that there are baseball teams to watch that still enjoy the game, including those not on the "minor league" level. Those that really love the game will continue to get enjoyment out of watching children play in Little League games, Pony League, Legion League, high school, and at the college level.

Both Indiana and Saint Francis University have baseball teams that those living in the area can go out to watch and support. The boys and girls actually enjoy it when the "grown-ups" watch, even if they say they don't.

Mary Ann Losiewcz



2. The 'so-called sport' has gone to pot

Letter No. 295 | August 25, 2002

Read [David Caldwell's] piece of August 25th about baseball. Although I am a few years older, I feel the same way about the "so-called sport." When I was young, I enjoyed watching the Nanty Glo team playing ball and going occasionally to Forbes Field to see the Pirates. Now, the "so-called sport" has gone to pot. Your piece mirrors my thoughts exactly.

Best regards,
Lou Stager


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