Heart goes out to today's Nanty Glo children


Letter No. 293 | July 31, 2002

My heart goes out to the children of Nanty Glo. I was born and raised in Nanty Glo, back when there was a hyphen in Nanty-Glo. We had things to do, thanks to our local churches, parents, friends, and business owners.

Katherine Trombley comes immediately to mind. She supervised the "Teen Canteen" which was in the basement of the firehall. For a very nominal amount (10 cents a week, until you paid the $1.00 or so dues), we could go there and dance to records, play cards and board games or ping pong. She gave freely of her time.

Mr. Rinehart of Rinehart's Pharmacy had several booths and stools in the store where kids went after school and had a coke and visited. If you weren't rowdy, you were never run off.

Then, Milford Emery had a newstand with a soda fountain in the heart of town where kids could stop for a soda, milkshake, whatever. There were movie theaters and afterwards a couple of restaurants in town where you could go for fries and a burger. Mid-night movies were great!

Some of the church activities included bus rides and hayrides and a trip to the Dairy Dell in Ebensburg or to the ice cream store at Mundy's Corner where there were monkeys to see. There was a bus to Cicero's Roller Rink in Ebensburg for those who enjoyed skating. There were record hops at the Miner's Hall. It's easy to see that adult participation was needed to make all these things happen.

In a recent visit to Nanty Glo, I was going to stop to look at a plaque I had placed there in honor of my father but decided not to because of the number of adult males seated there. It was a little crowded, so I thought I would see it another time. There used to be a bar directly behind where the gazebo is located and I don't know if it is still a bar room, but I guess a complaint could be registered against any group. Let's hope for a speedy resolution to the gazebo questions.

Suzanne Tripp Webb


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