More tidbits and remembrances from Tim

Letter No. 286 | March 21, 2002

Good day neighbors;

Tim here again with a few tidbits and remembrances for all to ponder. Hopefully, life in our wonderful town is blissful and quiet. Just going through an old photo album and I found a picture of my cousins, Ricky and Everett McCullough (known as Junior), standing next to the horse they kept in my grandfather Harry's barn up on Cardiff Road way back in the 1950s! Wow, that was many moons ago.

Jon, I promise that as soon as I can get them scanned, I'll forward them to you. The horse was a golden palomino (hope that's spelled correctly) and he sure was pretty! I remember my Grandfather Harry making a harness so a horse could draw a plow way back when. He would sit in the yard on the bank near Cardiff Road and make the tack by hand, cutting and riveting the leather together. I had a dog and he gave me a piece of leather and a buckle so I could make a collar for my dog.

Needless to say, he finished the harness and had a garden plowed way before I finished the collar. He was so patient and spent a lot of time with me. He would always have a few pennies in his pocket so I could go to the store and get some candy. At two pieces for a penny, the 7 or 8 cents I got always was plenty to spoil my dinner! How I long for those days again! They are far behind me now, though. Now, Grandpa Tim gets to spoil his grandchildren with candy, although it's no longer two for a penny. Okay, okay, sorry I spoiled their dinner!

Warmest regards to all,
Tim McCullough

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