An extra-wide photo from 1921

Letter No. 285 | February 21, 2002

I just scanned a wide-angle photo that my mother gave to me. I am not skilled at editing/blending, so I scanned it in three whacks: left, center, and right. Don't know if you can use it, or if it's appropriate, but thought you might like to look at it—it may be too old or not distinct enough for folks to identify their relatives. The photo title pretty much explains everything.

Details on how to find my relatives (all the Marshes are on my Mom's side of the family) are below:

From left side of picture, count 12 boys to the right (sitting). Behind the 12th boy is Winifred Marsh (Hunter) with hairbow. The second person to Winifred’s left is her cousin, Reba Marsh (Figart). The second person to Reba’s left is Winifred's sister Ruth Marsh (Jenkins). Directly up from the right edge of the center walkway in the second row, the first woman, holding baby Jack Marsh, is Esther Marsh (my uncle Jack and grandmother) (Wilson). She was one month pregnant with Billy Marsh at the time. Directly above the “ch” in March in the second row is my aunt Louise Marsh (Ford) with a hairbow.

Above the “l” in “school” is Guy Marsh. Goldie Marsh is in the back row on the right side of the right window frame. Claude Marsh is in the last row (follow the “g” in Ebensburg). Velma Marsh is the girl with the white hat on the right side of the picture above the first boy sitting on the ground.

Best regards,
Ray Hunter

Webmaster's note: It's an excellent photo, and the clarity is very good, Ray. I've reduced and spliced it as shown below so everyone can see all of it in one screen, by scrolling right. However, the original size of the photo is also available online, simply by clicking in the left, center, and right sections of the photo below. Many thanks for sending it, and for those who don't remember, the Hunters are a long-time Rexis family, known to everyone in greater Vintondale. Ray's sister still lives in Vintondale (in the house I was born in, incidentally, and his parents still live in Rexis, which is just across the borough/county line from Vintondale). —Jon Kennedy


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