Roots in Westmoreland County

Letter No. 284 | February 13, 2002

I enjoyed reading about Nanty Glo. At first, I thought I was reading about a woman named Nanty Glo, but found this town to be most interesting. Also found the name Taubler mentioned. My Grandmother was Agnes Taubler and one of 12 children all born in Westmoreland County. Maybe Blairsville, as she used to visit people there. My Father used to take the family to visit a railroad town called Torrance back in the 1950's. I think he wanted his family to appreciate our privileged childhood. We always enjoyed watching the trains pass by and, of course, the outhouses were a real novelty. I was told my great-grandfather, Andrew Taubler, owned acreage where the state mental hospital is located in Torrance. Most of the Taubler family moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and my grandmother had a sister who lived in Pa.

Thanks for the interesting reading!

Carol Reisinger Eskra


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