Old-country landmarks fall on bad times

Letter No. 283 | February 3, 2002

Roundhouses of Nantyglo, WalesThought I'd write and update you on the state of the Roundtowers [in Nantyglo, Wales]. I now work for the local council as a community development coordinator for Nantyglo (don't know if I've mentioned it before).

The southern roundtower has fallen into quite bad disrepair and there are real concerns it may collapse. However, as a community worker, I have attended meetings with a great many people interested in the preservation of the towers and at the time of writing, moves are afoot to set up a group dedicated to the care of the towers and the complex in which it sits.

I'll update you when I can but for the moment it's a case of "watch this space." I'll send some photographs soon so you can all see for yourself how the towers look. As always, forum visitors are welcome to email me at anytime with questions about the old country. Speak to you soon

Rob James

Webmaster's note. We'll look foward to receiving your photos and the updates, Rob. The photos above are from our page about our Nantyglo-area tour in 1999.


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