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Greetings from Nantyglo, Wales, take two

Letter No. 28 | June 12, 1998

Ok, there have been a few teething troubles with my email account, and it's due to be altered in the future, but I do exist and (at least for the moment) my email address remains RJames@dial.pipex.com.

Consider this:

1 Why would I write to you in the first place if I wasn't genuine?

2 You all know Nantyglo Wales exists

3 Why would I write back

So come on, write back.

Rob James, the Phantom Welshman

Webmaster's reply: Though I haven't got a reply to my letter to Rob James over 24 hours ago, this time I haven't received a bounce with an "account does not exist" message, either. So try writing if you're inclined; maybe "the Phantom" really does exist.

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