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Letter No. 278 | December 16, 2001

Hunting season in full force again! It may seem unimportant to some; however, I look forward to the long walks in the woods, the solitude, the cool weather, the beauty of the landscape, the comradeship, etc. Not to mention the excitement that one beholds when deer are sighted. I have had my share of success. This season I bagged a nice 8-point l68-lb. buck in Georgia along with a doe (two bucks and six antlerless deer are permitted there annually). I also bagged a doe in Indiana county near Nolo. My total take of deer to date is 48. Should make the big "50" next year.

Many memories exist from my childhood, especially during high school years. Having attended Blacklick Twp. High School 1943-1947 and living at the Hill Top Inn near Belsano, the walk through the woods from the high school to home presented many sightings of various wildlife. Rather strange but very common, my father always wanted to hunt in the steep mountains in Clinton county when there were plenty of deer practically in our back yard. We would make the trek every year to our hunting camp (Camp Belsano) which was built from scratch from cutting the lumber by the members to the finished product.

My first deer was taken there—a 7-point buckwhen I was 13. I had a good successful hunting in a locale near Strongstown. Had a string of five years going when a lumber company to cut the timber. Other areas were located and the luck continued. The years from 1950-1954 were spent in the Air Force, 1963-1969 employed in Santa Barbara, CA, all of which prevented me from hunting deer. The California area did have remote areas near Ronald Regan's ranch that had bobcat hunting. Once observed a California condor there!

Having lived in Florida since 1970, I have never hunted nor have I had any desire to hunt in this state. The deer are small and the use of dogs or hunting from air boats does not strike my fancy of enjoyable hunting. In addition, the weather is too warm, plus there are limited areas where one may hunt.

My favorite spots are in Georgia, where many of the deer are similar in size to Pennsylvania deer and the annual hunt in Indiana or Cambria counties of Pennsylvania.

I always manage to stop by the Hill Top Tavern (lived there 1941-1958) and chat with the customers. Finding lodging sometimes is difficult. My fellow hunter friend from Atlanta and I usually stay at a motel in Indiana; however, the room is very small, making it difficult for us to maneuver around easily. We would also like a place with a refrigerator and microwave or hot plate. If anyone in the area knows of any rooms available for the first week of deer hunting season, please email me at

Lou Hall


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