Love for Nanty Glo, 'always in my heart'

Letter No. 275 | December 2, 2001

As of 1932, when I was 5 years of age, till 1942, I need to say, the happiest times of my life were spent in Nanty Glo. My grandparents owned a restaurant on Shoemaker Street, and during the '30,s it was a hustling bustling town. There were parades, bands, and carnivals often. One movie theater three doors from the restaurant, where my cousin and I could just walk in (the manager knew my grandparents) any time we pleased.

Of course, my grandfather made sure we had a bag of freshly roasted peanuts that were roasted right in the store/restaurant; a white bag with Mr. Planter on it. Then, of course, there was the more plush Capitol theater across the bridge, where my aunt was crowned "Miss Capitol" one night of competition.

It was always fun time growing up in Nanty Glo; speak of it to my grown, married children a lot. In fact, it was my son who turned me on to this site. We eventually moved to Johnstown, but returned to Nanty Glo every weekend; my parents helped in the business as my grandparents were getting up in age.

My early teens consisted of the dances at the firehall and the high school basketball games. I could go on and on about this place and my beautiful memories. By the way, the restaurant was known as the Cherkala Restaurant, and if any one remembers, please Email me. My Email adress is Nantyglo27@AOL.Com My husband and I now live in VA.

Thank you for this site,


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