Pride in the nation, and Nanty Glo

Letter No. 271 | November 11, 2001

Tim here again. Just a line to say howdy and ask how all my fellow friends and neighbors are in Nanty Glo, the greatest small town in the US of A! I hope that you enjoy all my past correspondence and find my letters both informative and uplifting.

Thanks to Jon Kennedy who publishes my remembrances and ramblings on our website. Yes, Nanty Glo! This is our website! Me, for all of you who are new here, am a Nanty Glo native who lives in Norfolk, Virginia, now. That's where I retired after 22 years in the military. If you see a lot of patriotic things from me and stuff about our great town, it's because I miss it very much and after serving in the Navy for so long I can't help but to feel pride and patriotism for our wonderful country, which Nanty Glo is an important part of.

I am glad to have lived there and every so often I have the chance to visit. To see old (and I mean old) friends is great and my next visit I hope to see some of you again.

Best Regards and warm wishes,
Tim McCullough


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