A tribute to heroes who died

Letter No. 265 | October 14, 2001

This is a tribute to those heroes who died so others may live.  I refer to Flight 93 which crashed in our own backyard.  The fearless people on that flight  will always be remembered  in our hearts and minds.  The Honor roll call follows:

Jason Dahl, 43, from Denver, Colorado, was the plane's captain. He had a wife and son. Dahl had a lifelong interest in flying, said his aunt, Maxine Atkinson, of Waterloo, Iowa. Leroy Homer, 36, from Marlton, New Jersey, was the first officer on board. He was married and had a daughter. Lorraine Bay was a flight attendant. Sandra Bradshaw, 38, of Greensboro, North Carolina, was a flight attendant. Wanda Green was a flight attendant. CeeCee Lyles of Fort Myers, Florida, was a flight attendant. She reached her husband, Lorne, by cell phone to tell him that she loved him and their children before the plane went down. The couple, between them, had four children. Deborah Welsh was a flight attendant.
Christian Adams. Todd Beamer, 32, was from Cranbury, New Jersey. Alan Beaven, 48, of Oakland, California, was an environmental lawyer. Mark Bingham, 31, of San Francisco, owned a public relations firm, the Bingham Group. He called his mother, Alice Hoglan, 15 minutes before the plane crashed and told her that the plane had been taken over by three men who claimed to have a bomb. Hoglan said her son told her that some passengers planned to try to regain control of the plane. "He said, 'I love you very, very much,'" Hoglan said. Deora Bodley, 20, of Santa Clara, California, was a university student. Marion Britton. Thomas E. Burnett, Jr., 38, of San Ramon, California, was a senior vice president and chief operating officer of Thoratec Corp., a medical research and development company, and the father of three. He made four calls to his wife, Deena, from the plane. Deena Burnett said that her husband told her that one passenger had been stabbed and that "a group of us are going to do something." He also told her that the people on board knew about the attack on the World Trade Center, apparently through other phone calls. William Cashman. Georgine Corrigan. Joseph Deluca. Patrick Driscoll. Edward Felt, 41, was from Matawan, New Jersey. Colleen Fraser. Andrew Garcia. Jeremy Glick, 31, from West Milford, New Jersey. He called his wife, Liz, and in-laws in New York on a cell phone to tell them the plane had been hijacked. Joanne Makely, Glick's mother-in-law, said that one of the hijackers "had a red box he said was a bomb, and one had a knife of some nature." Glick asked Makely if the reports about the attacks on the World Trade Center were true, and she told him they were. He left the phone for a while, returning to say, "The men voted to attack the terrorists," Makely said. Jeremy Glick Is An American Hero.

A fund has been set up for Emerson Glick, daughter of Jeremy and Lyzbeth. To donate to her fund, checks can be made out to:

Emerson Glick
c/o Merrill Lynch
P.O. Box 911
Windham, NY 12496

Lauren Grandcolas of San Rafael, California, was a sales worker at Good Housekeeping magazine. Donald F. Green, 52, was from Greenwich, Connecticut. Linda Gronlund. Richard Guadagno, 38, of Eureka, California, was the manager of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Toshiya Kuge. Waleska Martinez. Nicole Miller. Mark Rothenberg. Christine Snyder, 32, from Kailua, Hawaii, was an arborist for the Outdoor Circle and was returning from a conference in Washington. She had been married less than a year. John Talignani. Honor Wainio.

Please remember  these heroes in  your prayers; they saved countless lives with their selfless act of bravery.

Tim McCullough


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