Washington Times touts Inclined Plane

Letter No. 263 | September 30, 2001

The Saturday, September 29, 2001 issue of the Washington Times had an article about Johnstown's Inclined Plane as the centerpiece to attract tourism to the city during tough economic times. The travel writeup states it was built in 1891 to lift people, horses and wagons to safety after the disastrous flood of 1889. Executives at the Cambria Iron Works (later Bethlehem Steel) ordered the incline built so residents could escape any future floodwaters. Most of the company executives and many company workers moved to Westmont, located high above the city. These residents of Westmont used the incline as their primary means of transportation to downtown Johnstown. Web site (www.inclinedplane.com) provides information and several pictures of Johnstown's Inclined Plane. Reference is also made to the web site for the Cambria County Transit Authority (www.camtranbus.com) that may be helpful to county bus travelers.

Frank Charney


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