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Letter No. 262 | September 15, 2001

My name is not important, but you should know you have given me a part of myself I have never had. I am the only one in my family (raised in San Antonio Tx.) to have not been born in Nanty Glo. The only time I have seen it was for the funeral of my mother in 1988, who is buried in Twin Rocks. My father, Lou McHugh, was born at 1574 Roberts Street in 1923. He was the little brother of Miss Margaret McHugh who never married and taught school in Nanty Glo. I have lots of pictures and some interesting items (1939 prom tickets, drivers license, etc.). I also have what might be the only picture of Nanty Glo written on a plane or tank or gun in WWII. It was written on a five inch naval cannon by my gun capitan father while running the North Atlantic U-Boat gauntlett.

Could you give me some advice about getting them on the computer? I know nothing about them

Thanx, Tim McHugh

Webmaster's reply: Thanks for writing, Tim. The photos and items like tickets and licenses can be scanned. Perhaps your local public library could help you do that if you don't have your own equipment, as seems the case. Also, an office services business, like Kinkos or Mail Boxes Etc. can probably help you do it or do it for you. Scanning is like photocopying, except that the copy is saved as a computer code that then can be sent in an email to anyone on the Internet, including us (address: We would certainly consider it a treat to see and share on the page the items you described. —Jon Kennedy.


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