September 11 was an end and a beginning

Letter No. 261 | September 14, 2001

September 11, 2001. This was a day that will be the end and the beginning. The end, of course, is the tremendous loss of life and limb. The beginning will be a new way of life for all Americans. We are a nation of strength. Threats against our freedom and way of life shall and will not be tolerated. We have unified and shown the world that we are strong yet compassionate. That compassion will not be extended to those who carry out acts of death and destruction. Our strength as a nation and people is being tested. The results of that test is that the United States of America is stronger and more determined than ever. Terrorists who do such acts of violence, do it in the name of a religion?

I am a Christian; however, the Islamic religion [also] is one of tolerance and compassion. It is hard to believe that terrorists can attack a country that was founded on the principles of religious freedom. We have no laws that prohibit those of the Islamic religion from practicing their faith. We welcome them with open arms. The events of September 11, 2001, therefore, make no sense. The United States has many friends in the Arab world, who said these extreme measures were senseless and brutal. It accomplished nothing but fuel the wrath of the American people.

My family and I wish to express our profound sorrow, our disbelief and our prayers to those who has lost someone dear to them. Neighbors, do whatever you can to aid our fellow citizens in their hour of need. My family has donated blood and hopefully our effort was not in vain. Support our fellow neighbors and citizens and pray for them. God Bless America, our home sweet home!

Tim McCullough and family


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