Late Nanty Glo man interred in Ireland

Letter No. 260 | September 11, 2001

Hi Jon,

Welcome back from your trip to the British Isles. Missed your daily Jonal while you were away, and am looking forward to an introduction of new topics and discussions.

I know you enjoy the British Isles. My son, Mark, and his wife toured London and southwest England (Bath, Portsmouth, etc.) on their honeymoon four years ago, and enjoyed the British Isles very much. They presently reside in Baltimore and have a 1-1/2 year old daughter, Cecilia.

Without luck, I tried to scan a 1987 obituary of a deceased Nanty Glo native, Marty McDermott, who unfortunately died at a young age. I knew Marty as a youngster and also his two sisters. I graduated from high school with one sister, Betty Clare Lekawa, who died three years ago in Anaheim, California. Another sister, Sheila Patterson, now of Dallas, Texas, once resided near me in Alexandria, Virginia. The December 30, 1987 article in the Nanty Glo Journal reported that he died Dec. 9, 1987, at the Fred Hutchison Center for Cancer Research in Seattle, Washington. He was born in Nanty Glo on April 1, 1940. He was an educator and a coach at Western High School in Anaheim (Calif.) for 25 years where he coached all sports. He left a wife and three children behind. Funeral services were conducted for him in Santa Ana, California.

Marty apparently loved Ireland too. I clipped out his obituary because I was intrigued to read that his final resting place was Bally Bunion, Ireland. My map of Ireland shows it located in the southwest region of Ireland at the mouth of the River Shannon.



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