Get-togethers prompt sentimental journeys

Letter No. 258 | July 15, 2001

The July 4th holiday many of us so eagerly awaited has come and gone. Friends and family having re-entered our lives for a few short days have departed for the places they call home, leaving our hearts and homes a bit empty. As we return to the everyday routine of our lives, we hold dear the memories we made at this year's family reunion or casual get-together, while we hugged and talked, joked and laughed again and again, all the while renewing our ties to family and friends to tide us over another year.

As we age, the sentimental journeys we take down memory lane become more and more precious. And every year we wonder who will or won't be present at next year's reunion or get-together. All of them, we hope, to hug and talk with, to joke and laugh with, again and again....



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