Library of Congress has Nanty Glo photos

Letter No. 256 | June 24, 2001


You may wish to link the Library of Congress site to I have used the link for a few years now in my "search" classes at Blacklick Valley High School. In order to get there, simply log onto Then, go to their American Memories pages [and click Search. In the search form,] enter Nanty Glo, and 14 photos, taken in the mid 1930's, appear.

The students are fascinated by them...the homes, the "boney piles," and the subjects.

We use your site in our class each and every 9 weeks session. Students love it too!!!

Phyllis LaMantia Grembi

Webmaster's note: The photos are excellent, and as the property of the federal government, they are in public domain (that is, not under copyright). Therefore, I have replicated them on the Nanty Glo Home Page (click here) to make them more accessible. I hope everyone will also check out the Library of Congress site, which has millions of files available for research and other uses.


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