'Lost' Civil War-era cemetery found

Letter No. 255 | June 10, 2001

I was reading through some of the forum letters the other evening and the two that interested me were, from Francis Charney and Dave Caldwell, concerning the old cemetery on Fords Corner road.

I thought that I could find it since we used to ride snowmobiles to it by way of the strip mine roads.

My wife, daughter, granddaughter and I drove up to where the Loraine road intersects the Ford Corners road and turned left, we came to the water tank that Dave mentioned, turned around to come out and saw another road leading off. I spoke to a young man at the nearest house and he told me that the cemetery was down there, we started walking down there and a young man pulled in and asked us what we wanted. I explained to him, and he informed me that he owns all the property around it, he gave us permission to go ahead but stipulated that we should go only to the cemetery, which we did. I took some pictures of a few of the head stones and the surroundings.The graves of the veterans had flags on them. I will send pictures later.

I had a chance to talk to the owner again before I left, explaining to him about the amount of people interested in it. I asked him if it would possible for me and possibly a few friends to come up and try to clean it up. He said that would be fine, all he wants, is to know when we would be coming and also, if anybody would want to visit there, all they need do is contact him by phone or stop at his house and ask. His name is Bob Ditchcreek, and he lives in the red brick house right before the Loraine intersection.

I hope you find this letter informative and helpful.

Till next time,
Hobe Rose


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