Remembering summer fun of childhood

Letter No. 252 | May 30, 2001

Hello neighbors!

As a child growing up in our little town, I remember the fun we had during the summer. The hot, lazy days of summer was the best time for the kids. No pencils and paper, no homework, just play! We never drove our parents crazy because we weren't around the house long enough. There were plenty of places to explore around town. The woods weren't forbidden at all. We went to the woods to find strange animals; well, strange when you are a little kid.

The fun part was going to the local store (there were a lot of them) and get a nickel Popsicle. Candy was two pieces for a penny. I always had a dime and twenty pieces of candy or 14 pieces and a Popsicle was enough to spoil anyone's dinner! I remember our hands were so dirty from excavations that the shopkeeper wouldn't let us reach into the freezer to get our treat. He would ask what kind we wanted and get it for us.

After a day of play, we would go home, get yelled at for getting so dirty, and enjoy our homecooked meal.

Ah the good old days!

Tim McCullough


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