A 'forgotten' Nanty Glo cemetery?

Letter No. 251 | May 28, 2001

Hi Jon,

Your discussion of the American Civil War and Memorial Day brought back my memory of an old cemetery that existed not far from the intersection of the Jackson Township and Lorain Roads. Even back in the early 1950s, this cemetery appeared forgotten and neglected with its surrounding overgrowth. Headstones, listing several Civil War veterans who died shortly after the 1860s, were surrounded by trees and heavy brush. Familiar family names like Shuman appeared on some of these headstones.

There doesn't appear to be any road access to this cemetery presently, but back then there existed a strip mine road, like an extension of the Lorain Road, that provided a means to gain entrance to the cemetery.

It would be interesting to know the present condition of this cemetery, if the headstones are still standing, and if other old Gloers recall this site.

Best regards,
Frank Charney


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