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Has Life Magazine article on Nanty Glo

Letter No. 25 | May 28, 1998

In reference to the article from Life Magazine, my grandfather (Mabrey "Boots" Evans) is the miner in the tub. I have had several original copies of the May, 1943, magazine.

I, like yourself, would love to see the entire set. I know there is at least one other photo of my grandfather. I do still have one copy of the atricle. I have always found it interesting that of all the mining towns in the country that Life chose Nanty Glo for the feature story. This has been my hometown all my life and I find your home page to be very interesting.

C. Jay Evans

Webmaster's note: Mr. Evans is referring to the Forum article, "Alfred Eisenstaedt's Nanty Glo Collection." My recollection is that Herman Sedloff told me, around 1962 or '63, that Eisenstaedt was in Nanty Glo on assignment for Time magazine, though his work usually appeared in Life. Can anyone verify whether some of these photographs might have appeared in both (not unlikely as they are under the same ownership)?

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