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Michael 'Shagg' Capelli


Letter No. 248 | May 1, 2001

Dear Webmaster,

"Shagg" Capelli's first name was Michael. As far as I know, he was killed in France, at the very end of the war...and is buried in Epinol, France.

Phyllis Grembi


Name omitted among WWII casualties

Letter No. 227 | February 4, 2001

Dear Webmaster,

We were just surfing the Web and came across your Nanty Glo Page, [serving] my parents' home town. We looked at the WWII memorial page and found, as expected, my mother's brother's name, Nick Kozorosky, listed with the Blacklick Valley's fallen veterans.

My parents were concerned that one of their friends, a "Shagg" Capelli (real first name?) from Nanty Glo, who lived on Barker Row, was omitted from the list. He was thought to have been a sniper in the war and was killed in Italy sometime in '42 or '43. We were unsure if any of his family were aware of this memorial or if, in fact, this is an oversight?

Thank you. If there's anything we can do to make sure he isn't forgotten, please let us know.

Stasia Weinstein

Webmaster's note: You've already done what can be done. His name has now been added to the roll, with a link to this letter so that anyone who can supply more or correct details can follow up. Thank you for the addition. (Click "webmaster" below to email other information.)

—Jon Kennedy

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