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origin of Heisley Mines Company, C&I

Letter No. 246 | April 13, 2001

Have enjoyed your Nanty Glo Home Page and all the associated "stuff."

I grew up near Colver (close enough that I call Colver my home town) in the late '40's, early '50's, elementary school in Colver, graduated from Ebensburg-Cambria HS in 1955.

My brother and I have put together a home page for Colver. This focuses mostly on the mine and town in a historical context. As part of the historical context, we did a paragraph on Coleman and Weaver. Their involvement in Cambria County and Nanty Glo started with the purchase of the Nanty Glo mine by Weaver. Eventually, they opened Nanty Glo 2 at Bakerton and organized the Heisley Coal Company to operate the two mines. (Note: Weaver's full name was John Heisley Weaver, so you can see how the Heisley Coal Company got its name.)

They also purchased the Blacklick and Yellow Creek Railroad and renamed it to the Cambria and Indiana. The site is We have a link to the Nanty Glo pages via the Train Robbery and I also put a link in from the index page. It would be considered neat if you could link to the Colver home page from the Nanty Glo pages.

My brother, Rick, works for the State Library in Harrisburg and is doing much of the research; I am doing the actual programming. As you will note, we have a lot of content, but the presentation is weak. I am a fullime programmer on big computers and things are a bit slow at work right now, so I have been involved in learning HTML and Javacript on my own. I used Netscape Composer to make the first cut so I would be sure to get the metatags and HTML structure.

Since then I have been "grunt" programming using NotePad—my intent is to learn HTML from the ground up and manually programming the HTML is the best way to do it, since the HTML editors hide the tags. Anyway, I say all this to invite you to make suggestions as to how I can improve the presentation.

Thanks in advance.

Jack Hill

Webmaster's note: Some of our younger readers may be unaware that Colver is an anagram of the first three letters of Coleman and the last three of Weaver, and that Revloc is Colver spelled backwards. And even I didn't know that Heisley was founded by the same men. I have visited the Colver site and am very much impressed. I've also added a link to our Links Page.

—Jon Kennedy


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