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Letter No. 244 | April 8, 2001

Dear Jon:

In reading your web site stories on the area, including your brother's tragic death, I find a tremendous connection with you. If you would, please go to (MY business site) from whose links page will connect you to the C&I R.R. site, where, on the "stories" page you can read of my father, Albert Waldo Cameron. After reading those, you may be agreeable to sending me a mailing address where I can mail you a copy of my book, Something Tells Me, in which you will savor greatly the common ground we share with Mert [Edwards], Jesse Edwards, Ward Adams & family, Dr. Prideaux (who delivered me), and much much more. No solicitation or obligation, simply a wonderful coincidental tie-in, which you should really enjoy.

Thanks for the wonderful though tragic stories and history.

Walter E. Cameron
one-time Belsano resident

P.S. If by further coincidence you happened to know Nancy or Glen Straw of Eleanor Yards, they are-were step-siblings of mine, albeit in adult life.

Webmaster's note: Walter, I've checked out the pages and am greatly impressed. Your Western Hobbycraft page features models of Johnstown trolleys and C&I Railroad cars that any present or former Cambria (or Indiana) County family would be pleased to have as collectibles or to add to their children's or grandchildren's train sets. And the pages for the C&I Railroad are news to me and probably our readership, and also a Colver Page that is linked from the C&I Page. I've sent my address for your book, which I'm greatly looking forward to savoring.—Jon Kennedy


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