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Letter No. 236 | February 28, 2001


I want to solicit some comments about the World War II proposed memorial that is under construction in our nation's capital. As a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America and VFW Post 3160, I believe that it's about time we recognized the contributions of many of our friends and relatives. Being an active participant in this worthy cause, I don't want any Blacklick Valley heroes left out. If you know of someone who deserves to be placed on the memorial wall and may have been forgotten, or for some reason is not included in the rolls (the names are available at please email them along with any pertinent information you may have so their names may be included.

Thanks neighbors,,

P.S. Yes, neighbors, I meant Pergrim Hill not Perkins Hill, where at the bottom (well almost) is the Polish Club. For some reason, my Aunt Charlotte Cohick always called it Perkins Hill, but then she always said pi-ann-ne (inflection on the last syllable) instead of piano and crick instead of creek. Sorry about the misnomer. Have a great day! —Tim

Webmaster's note: Please don't forget to check out our online WWII memorial page. —jon


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