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Letter No. 235 | February 27, 2001

Wow! I'm getting emails and comments about my personal page, no comments yet about any improvement suggestions. Come on, neighbors with good ideas, tell me how to make the page relate more to our great little hometown! Any ex- military types that have a story or something humorous to contribute? I can easily link your experience so others can look or even better yet email it to Jon so he can put it in the Forum. It looks like he knows what he's doing! Let's have some fun! The world would be a dull place without good old Hometown USA! In this case, Nanty-Glo (is there still a hyphen in the name)?

Come on, let's sledride down Perkins Hill! Anyone game, drop me a line and I'll give it a try! Jon, you game? I know I'm having a ball writing these letters to the Forum. So people email me back. I got an e mail from a Nanty Glo native living in my neck of the woods, which is Hampton Roads, Virginia. Any other native in these parts? If so, drop me a line and keep in touch!

Best Wishes, to all,
Tim McCullough

Webmaster's note: I'm up for a sledride down Perkins Hill anytime, Tim! Perkins there such a place? Maybe you mean Pergrim Hill? But Red Mill Hill would be safer from traffic and take more navigation skill. As for the hyphen, I got Herman Sedloff's permission to drop it from use in the Journal when we introduced a new masthead to the paper circa 1963. The school district then was Nanty-Glo-Vintondale, and that seemed like one hyphen too many, especially since the original hyphen before the "y" had already been dropped (and the "original" Nant-Y-Glo, in Wales, now uses a one-word spelling, Nantyglo). Thanks for writing, Tim. —Jon


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