Carmen Bucca remembered,
was World War II hero

Letter No. 234 | February 26, 2001

Hi Jon,

A close family friend of almost 40 years, Carmen Bucca, 82 years of age and a longtime resident of Revloc, gallantly fought the final battle of his life and passed away on Feb. 22, 2001 at the Johnstown Memorial Hospital. During his recent illness that finally took his life, Carmen displayed the same grit and determination that helped him survive his many combat experiences during World War II. Carmen's World War II experiences are cited in Nanty Glo Forum Letter No. 69 written two years ago.

At an evening wake service at the funeral home, veterans of the Ebensburg American Legion individually saluted Carmen as they passed before him, and honored him for his valiant service to his country. He had recently been awarded a 50-year service pin from that organization.

Also, on the next morning, just prior to departure from the funeral home to be followed by a cortege to a Catholic burial mass, a war veteran, in an impressive ceremony, stood before Carmen's bier and thanked him for his wartime contributions to his country, state, and community, and helping to preserve the liberties and privileges we, as citizens the United States, today all enjoy.

He is survived by his wife, Lucy. Their only son, Charlie, passed away two-and-a-half years ago at the age of 56. Carmen was a good friend and Revloc neighbor who I will sadly miss.

Sincerely, Frank Charney


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