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Letter No. 233 | February 24, 2001

Hello again fellow neighbors,

Jon, our illustrious webmaster, has seen fit to link my webpage to the Nanty Glo page, which is cool! Also, my page links the Nanty Glo page and Johnstown Online page.

My page has some military and Vet links to look at. Like music? There are links to get a Realplayer and links to get music to play on it if you like your own style (mine is Classic Rock and Roll). In there is a link to radio sonic net where I have a station to play my favorite music, Rock of course! Its name is Maddog53. You can listen to my station or make your own with your own music genre. Anyway, in there is some cool stuff and more is to come!

The site is or look for links to it in this page under site index Nanty Glo Links then personal homepages, then Tim's rock and roll freak show (the moniker of a place I was stationed in Thailand).

Please, if you are browsing, give it a look and email me your comments and suggestions on how to make it better and related to life in Nanty Glo.

Best regards,
Tim McCullough

Webmaster's note: Everyone who a has a page related to Blacklick Valley and appropriate to family reading is not only eligible for a link on the Home Page (and encouraged to do so) but also to put it on the commercial-free (no pop-ups, no passwords!) Nanty Glo Home Page*. Some might think that this "one-man operation" will be fly by night. That probably is yet to be seen...nothing lasts forever. But then there's the Disney Corp.'s which launched after the Nanty Glo Home Page, spent million$, and got its plug pulled this month. —Jon
*Free offer of cyberspace is limited to noncommercial webpages; free links offer includes commercial pages.


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