Don't remember eating so well

Letter No. 231 | February 21, 2001

Hi neighbors,

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been keeping up with our hometown's webpage. Forgive me!

Remember Commons Hardware? How about the dentist, Dr. Finklestein? It always made me think of Frankenstein. Maybe that's why I'm afraid to go to the dentist to this day. No doubt he was a nice guy and a good dentist.

Anyone remember the pizza parlor on the main drag? What was the name of that place? The pizza was a nickel a slice. I remember that! For fifty cents you could fill up on pizza and get a soft drink to wash it all down. Nowaays a good deal is ten bucks for a Pizza Hut pizza, plus tax.

In my letter about yearning for days gone by (Forum Letter 199) I talked about Malcotti's Bar on Cardiff Road and the Friday fishfry. I still remember dousing the fish and the fries in a ton of ketchup. I loved that fish! Now, things from the past haunt me. If I tried eating that fish and fries now, with all that ketchup, I'd have heartburn all night!

What I wouldn't give to relive my youth! Who wouldn't? By the way, neighbors, I'm working on a homepage too, and a link for the Nanty Glo page will be on it. When I get it published I'll send a note to the forum so you all can give it a peek.

Thanks again for reading my thoughts. Everyone have a great day! Warmest

Tim McCullough

Webmaster's note: Commons' Hardware was still there as of my visit last summer! Pretty much the same, in fact. And Dr. Finkelstein was my dentist in my teens; had no complaints but am glad I never made the Frankenstein connection! And was it Harry's Pizza, part of a greater-Johnstown chain, that you mean? I remember it when the pizza was 10 cents a slice, but even that wasn't shabby. And now you can get fish and chips at the Little Wheel, unless there's been some recent change. But I do remember Malcotti's; friends went there to pick up Friday dinner every week.Jon


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