Another memory of Rudy Basci 

Letter No. 220 | January 15, 2001

I remember Rudy Basci! He was not a mean man; just kept to himself. We were never afraid of him, either. I remember he lived in the woods above the [Vintondale] elementary school house. We would see him when we went blackberry picking. I recall him sitting outside of a cave-like area where a small stream ran beside it and he would be wood carving. My Aunt Issy told me he was a craftsman violin maker. She said he was planning on making her a violin. That is all I really remember.

Now that I am grown, I think back and wish we would have spent time with him and been more like family to him. I wish we would have provided more for him, too. Although he never asked us for anything and he did seem somewhat content. Thanks for the chance to reminisce.

Mary Wojtowicz Augustosky


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