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Letter No. 216 | January 2, 2001

You know, I read a review at Nanty Glo [Home Page] for the movie Can't Hardly Wait in which you said many things putting down the film. I, on the other hand, think it is a great movie. I think the fact that you said it wasn't funny and stereotypical was not only wrong but downright mean. This is by far my favorite movie. If the creators thought it would be such a flop, A—why did they make it, and B—why did they put so many talented actors/actresses in it? For example—Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan (Randall) Embry, Mellisa Joan
Hart, and Seth Green.

Don't think I'm trying to make a mountain out of a molehill here; I just think if you write a review it ought to have more than one good point. To sum it up: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

—Susan Bricker

Webmaster's reply—That review was by a syndicated writer, Steve Rhodes, for his syndicate, not especially for the Nanty Glo Home Page. This is only one of several web sites on which his reviews appear or have appeared (we no longer carry film reviews, as there was virtually no response to them when we did do it). I, too, have frequently disagreed with opinions of Steve Rhodes, though I haven't seen this particular film. Having been a film reviewer myself for many years, I can speak to several of the questions you raise.

First, film reviewing is primarily a consumer service. You pay your nickle (put in the time to read the review) and take your choice (either agree or disagree with what you read). Some reviewers are better than others, and you are likely to agree with some more than others. For example, if Roger Ebert raves about a movie, most times I've found I'll probably like it. However, if his former colleague, the late Gene Siskel, disliked a movie, I found I still might like it, and for reasons Siskel never seemed to "get."  It's totally subjective, based on your personal preferences and predilections, yet there is some kind of "consensus" among the reviewers, generally, about what's good and what's not, and usually for similar reasons. Still, however, some titles will show up on one reviewer's 10 best list that appear in others' 10 worst list.

As for why they produced a movie that was a dud, it happens (without passing judgment on this particular film). Some films that have been on "everyone's" worst-10-of-all-time lists have featured major stars. Water World comes to mind....

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