Holiday Greetings
Letter No. 215 | December 28, 2000

Dear Jon,

Wanted to send you Christmas and holiday greetings, and thank you for your selfless work in maintaining the Nanty Glo web site. A lot of Nanty Glo natives, like myself, gain pleasure from viewing the daily activities of the old hometown. The town certainly has seen better days, but many years ago "It was a teenager's paradise," as you once remarked.

It's been a rough year for you, and I commiserate with you. The passing of a relative, like your brother, has a real (or unreal) sting to it, especially since you couldn't be there. Your stroke and the discovering of diabetes was also jolting news. (On a personal note, my mother contracted the disease in her twenties and struggled with it all her life. She passed away in her mid-forties). There's been a lot of advancement in medical technology to assist diabetic patients these days.

I, too, went through a strenuous period during the year 2000 , but not to your extent. My daughter and four grandchildren, all under six, relocated to Greensburg, Pa., after living near me all their lives. Her husband accepted a new job there. The news of the move was stressful and painful. Thankfully, Greensburg is close enough to the Blacklick Valley Area where I still keep a home in Revloc, and my wife and I can visit from there.

We like to think we have control of our lives, but often find out otherwise. Someone else is in charge. I am also forwarding the addition to the Blacklick Valley World War II veterans list as follows: Nick Kozarosky Pvt Army Nanty Glo 05/04/45 Germany Mich Kovash PFC Army Twin Rocks 11/30/44 France Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Frank Charney

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